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Corporate, Commercial, Tax, Intellectual Property & Banking Law(CCTIPB)

There are various ways to do business. While you as our client undertakes to carry on with your...

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Conveyancing, Notarial, Practice and Deceased Estates, and Estates Planning(CNDP)

We advice on property acquisition and development and further prepare the requisite instruments to necessitate the acquisition...

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Constitutional and Administrative

Issues of violation of the constitution are intricate. Cases dealing with constitutional issues are of...

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International Trade & Investment(ITAI)

We are a firm deeply rooted in international trade and investment law, assisting clients venturing into international trade...

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Employment, ADR & Natural Resources Law(EANR)

Our attorneys provide specialized and quality legal advice on issues of litigation arising from various areas of the law...

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Family, Women Gender and Criminal Law

We believe in bridging gender disparities through the legal system and are therefore focused on gender issues...

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Our firm’s culture of supporting our clients is very important to us and we work hard to nurture and develop it. We will go on a journey with you, building mutual trust and respect as we tackle all obstacles.

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