There are various ways to do business. While you as our client undertakes to carry on with your day to day running of your business. We take care of your legal needs arising from the commercial aspect of your business. This ranges from incorporation of the company, legal compliance, mergers and acquisition, filing of returns, taxation to general contracts.

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Under this head, we undertake other areas of practice that are affiliate to Commercial law. They include:

We focus on not only understanding our clients business needs but assist them to prosper in their business by eliminating any legal glitches that they may encounter on a day to day running of their business. We further advice on structuring of transaction such as sale of shares, sale of businesses and sale of assets. Moreover, we advice on mergers, acquisitions, takeovers and draft joint ventures. We observe due diligence and carry out investigations on
any matter referred to us and compile reports thereon to our corporate clients. We also advice on tax implications in relation to various commercial transactions as requested by our clients.

The partners and the associates of the firm also draft contracts and other documents such as agreements for sale lease shareholder agreements and any other commercial contracts that the clients need for the prosperity of his business.

We are internationally recognized for excellence on the following areas of law practice and advisory, company formations and restructuring , acquisitions, mergers and take-overs, liquidations, wind up, privatization, joint ventures, vetting and drafting of commercial agreements: tax law, expert opinions in financial agreements, preparation of financial agreements, registration of patents and trademarks, foreclosures, structured banking deals, projects financing structuring, resolution of shareholders disputes, shareholding structuring


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